As an introduction to the subject of Scotland’s maritime history the article by Dr. Eric J. Graham In Defence of the Scottish Maritime Interest 1681-1713 hasn't been bettered -see PDF below.

Scotlandís admiralty was guaranteed under the Treaty of Union in 1707. However a curious changed occurred in 1808 when the Treasury in London refused to pay out Head money on a prize condemned in the High Court of Admiralty of Scotland. The pdf below gives the various documents which passed between Edinburgh and London over the issue Ė which led by default to the High Court of Admiralty of Scotland losing its prize jurisdiction. What Iíve not been able to ascertain is the reason why the objection should have arisen at this point: Britain had been at war almost continually since 1793 yet no objection had been made until 1808 Ė if anyone can shed light on this Iíd be most grateful -see PDF below.

The Seal of Scotlandís High Court of Admiralty