The prisoners, some 15,500, are varied; from passengers, including children, on merchant vessels, to Canadian and British soldiers and Royal Navy personnel. Foreign seamen are indicated, as are African American sailors -

for these search on * in the pdf.

Source: ADM103/466

I’ve compiled two index: one full index and one index by unit/ship, where that is listed. Check the index and the you can find the prisoner number of the person you are searching and then to find where he was held and when and how released by - search under surname in the original document pdfs

As can be seen from the sample page below the POWs are listed by the first letter of their surname – note: spelling is often very odd.

~ Update 25 May 2012 ~

I have transcribed an index - please note in some cases the writer of the original seems to have been confused by the capital letter F and T so if you find anything odd check the original –indeed check the original in any case– to ensure your reading of the document agrees with mine – any problems please contact me.

Full INDEX Unit index
[Unit index-only covers pows where unit/vessel are given]

The original document pdf files are roughly 50mb in size and should take less than 4mins to download.






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