This a section only for the Royal Navy – not the War of 1812

ADM26 record the remittances made to relatives etc.

From the genealogists point of view these registers are particularly valuable as the, identify the vessel a man, in very rare cases a woman, was serving on and the home address of the relative.

It’ll be readily realised that these registers are the key to a particularly difficult problem – trying to trace a rating when you don’t know the vessel he served on.

The only drawback is they are un-indexed, some of the later ones do have a partial index, for further information on this see: -

Though a considerable help these registers only record those who chose to remit pay, so should not be taken as a definitive list of ratings in the Navy of the period.

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If you come across a reference and there isn’t an address it is likely that I have the data as a photograph but haven’t yet indexed it -if you note the reference I’ll check it - please use the form on the front page.or
Whilst I'll continue answering queries the project itself had been stopped due to lack of feedback

NOTE: an error has been pointed out that at least on one entry the address has been aligned with the wrong sailor - this is due to having to align the two pages see sample below.

Therefore if you see a likely entry do contact me and I'll immediately check and reply by sending both pages.

ADM 26 size 1mb
Image below is a link to large sample image of ADM26

NOTES: Some of the addresses given may seem to be a home address but are in fact a collection point e.g. 34 Upper Dorset Street Dublin and 38 Bishop Street Dublin. This can be readily checked by doing a search on the suspect address multiple entries probably indicate collection point.

Ex =executor.

DD = indicates Discharged Dead

DDC = indicates Discharged Dead Clothes – this is where the dead man’s effects are auctioned and the proceeds going to usually, the widow. The amounts are shown in the muster along with wages due.

On whom drawn

The letters preceding the place name indicate whether it was paid from E excise C customs Ch cheque, rather more vague, Revenue from Distinct or Treasurer – they have been included so it might be possible to follow payments through other registers.

Lastly if you wish a copy of a particular entry just let me have the reference and I’ll send it.

I would be grateful to hear from any who’ve benefited from these registers.

Last updated: March 2013