Register of Letters of Marque against France 1793-1815


There are two registers for letters of marque against France for the period 1793-1815: ADM 7/328 [1793-1801] and ADM 7/649 [1803-1815]

These I’ve transcribed and ordered them by master’s name and by vessel name, vessel index starts on page 47, and combined into one pdf.

It will become apparent that these registers allow the tracing of commanders as they moved from ship to ship each time acquiring a new letter of marque.

The master’s name is given in full as is the tonnage of the vessel though unfortunately the port of registry isn’t.

If you have any questions or notice errors please contact me.

size 600kb Letters of marque against France 1793-1815: below is a sample page from the register.

The entry second from the bottom is for the vessel Young Jonah commanded by John Lennon.

The image below shows the declaration for that vessel

Declaration for Young Jonah: commander John Lennon