Lloyd's List
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07/08/1814 col 1
The Sir Andrew Hammond, Porter of London, was taken in September last at the Gallagagos Islds. By the Essex American Frigate, and carried to the Marquezas Islands.

Crew list from POW where there is more information.

10773 Porter William Captain
270 Andrews Robert Seaman
1220 Bland Thomas Seaman
1221 Butler William Seaman
2426 Charles Thomas Seaman
2427 Chriswick Samuel Seaman
2425 Cuett Richard 3rd Mate
3495 Darnevan? Dennis Seaman
3493 Dresslchouse? H Seaman
3494 Duncan James Carpenter
4454 Forrester William Seaman
5153 Gilbie George Seaman
5968 Hartwell Frederick Seaman
6926 Jamieson Robert Seaman
7850 Lambries Robert 1st Seaman
7851 Lambries Robert 2nd Seaman
7852 Lawson Edward Mate
7849 Lloyd George Seaman
9092 McClain Richard Seaman
9090 McIntosh James 2nd Mate
9091 Morrison James Seaman
11561 Ransford John Seaman
11563 Rensford Hugh Seaman
11560 Ross James Seaman
11562 Rowland John Seaman
12649 Smith John Seaman
12646 Smith William Seaman
12647 Spearpoint Edward Seaman
12648 Stronger James Seaman
14595 Wheeler James Seaman
14594 White William Seaman