Lloyd's List
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07/15/1814 col 1
The Sir Alexander Ball, Skynner, from Bristol to Malta, was taken in Lat. 39.45 Long. 10.39 by the General Armstrong American Privateer, of 8 guns and 65 men, after an action of 15 minutes.

08/12/1814 col 3
The Sir Alexander Ball, Skinner, from Bristol to Malta, which was taken by the General Armstrong American Privateer, has been retaken by the Niemen Frigate, and arrive at Halifax 20th ult.

Source: Pow records has: No. 7270 John Kynner [Skinner], Master, paroled to His Britannic Majesty’s domains, 19 th April 1814.



McManemin, Captains of the Privateers of the War of 1812


16 th June 1814 [there is a clear problem with date of capture and the released on parole]

Lat. 37.31, captured the ship Sir Alexander Ball, Skinner, after an action of 15 minutes; she mounted 8 guns and had a crew of 32 men; wounded 5 of her crew severly; manned and ordered her in.