Lloyd's List
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01/11/1814 col 1
The Seringapatan, Stavers; New Zealander, Donneman; and the Charlton, Halcrow of London, were taken round Cape Horn in July last, by the Essex American frigate. The Charlton was given up to the crews.

Crew List.
Source: Pow records has more information.

12642 Steavers William Captain
269 Alexander James Seaman
1212 Baker Charles 2nd Mate
1216 Bean Hugh Seaman
1214 Beck Jacob Seaman
1213 Brown George Seaman
1215 Brown Robert Seaman
3489 Durey David Seaman
5963 Hammond William Seaman
5964 Hollon Robert Seaman
5965 Howland Amboy Seaman
7853 Leigh Robert Seaman
7848 Limehouse Elias Seaman
7847 Lovell John Seaman
10020 Newton Tait Seaman
10242 O’Rafferty Patrick Seaman
10771 Phipps George Seaman
10772 Pindar Charles Seaman
11556 Redman John Seaman
11558 Rodgers Simon Seaman
11555 Ross Daniel Seaman
11557 Rudemaker Hans Seaman
12639 Staffing Richard Seaman
12640 Stavers Francis Seaman
12638 Steavers John Mate
12641 Sweeny John Seaman
14590 Williams John 1st Seaman
14592 Williams John 2nd Seaman
14591 Worth William Seaman