Lloyd's List
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02/03/1815 col 2
The Portsea, Stokes, from the Havanna, which was taken 2nd December, by the Kemp Privateer, arrived at Charleston on the 8th; and the Roselle, Beatson, also from the Havannah, taken by the Kemp at the same time, was lost on the Charleston Bar 7th. December

Niles Weekly Register
January 7 th 1815
page 293

1394. Ship Rosabelle, [ Roselle] 16 guns, 53 men, an elegant vessel of 261 tons burthern and coppered, with a full cargo of sugar and coffee, sent into Charleston. The Rosabella [ Roselle] unfortunately grounded on the bar, where she was bilged and lost. This vessel is a lost to the enemy of from 2 to 300,000 dollars. She was afterwards set fire to by a British brig.

Crew List.

Source: Pow records where there is more information.

748 Beatson John Captain
751 Belfield Thomas Seaman
752 Bell John Seaman
753 Benson Jacob Seaman
749 Brown George Seaman
750 Burns James Seaman
2146 Campbell Thomas Seaman
2145 Cormac? George Seaman
3219 Dicke John Seaman
3218 Donaldson James Seaman
3890 Ennis James Seaman
5770 Hamilton Peter Seaman
7222 Kepwill Thomas Seaman
7221 Kirkpatrick James Seaman
7650 Lawson Alexander Mate
7651 Limey Andrew Seaman
8584 Matheuson Mathew Seaman
6813 Monaldi Jesac Joseph Seaman
12276 Simpson Joseph Seaman
12277 Skill David Seaman
12278 Sterrett John Seaman
13446 Twidale John Seaman
14298 Wisberg John Seaman
15022 Young John Seaman