Lloyd's List
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06/29/1813 col 1
The Duke of Montrose Packet, which sailed from Falmouth on the 28th ult. With mails for Halifax, was taken 10th inst. In Lat 43.13 Long. 29.24 by the President Frigate, Commodre Rogers; she had taken on the 9th the Kitty, Love, from Newfoundland to Alicant, and took on the 11th, the Maria, Bald, from Newfoundland, bound to Lisbon. The crews were put on board the Duke of Montrose, under the charge of an American officier, and ordered fro Falmouth, where she arrived on Wednesday.

Crew list below taken from pow records.

1247 Bald John Master
249 Armstrong Francis Landsman
1251 Biggs William Boy
1249 Blacker Richard Seaman
1248 Boyd William 2nd Mate
1250 Brown James Boy
1252 Brown William Boy
2436 Camson Daniel Seaman
2437 Carson James ord Seaman
2434 Colgan George Seaman
2435 Collins John Seaman
2438 Corkindale John Boy
3511 Dallas James Seaman
3512 Durham George Boy
4459 Falconer James -
5181 Gray John Boatswain
5182 Green Francis Boy
6020 Handy John Seaman
6935 Johnson Thomas Mate
7305 Kerr Alexander Seaman
7304 King Thomas Seaman
7832 Lestor John Seaman
9137 Malcom Robert Seaman
9135 McAllester Hugh Seaman
9138 McBude Alexander Cook
9136 McGregor Hugh Seaman
9134 Menzery Raleg? Seaman
11574 Reed John Carp. Mate
11575 Riley Luke C. Seaman
11576 Russell John Boy
12701 Smith John Seaman
12702 Spencer Peter Boy
14601 Wilson Andrew Seaman
14600 Wood William Seaman
14599 Wyler Hugh Carpenter