Lloyd's List
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12/21/1813 col. 2

Taken by the True-Blooded Yankee American privateer -the Cora, Farmer, from Symrna to London.

01/07/1814 col. 1
Paris 28th December. The True-Blooded Yankee, American Privateer, Captain J. Oxnard, belonging to Mr. H. Preble, is arrived at Brest from a cruize, during which she made 14 prizes: among them the Cora, Farmer, from Smyrna to London (arrived at Roscoff)

09/19/1815 col. 1
The Cora,Farmer, from Smyrna to London, which was taken in December 1813, by the True-Blooded Yankee American privateer, and carried into Brest, arrived at Boston in July last."