Lloyd's List
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02/09/1813 col. 2
The Bridget,Kennan arrived at Demerary from Liverpool, beat off an American privateer of 19 guns (supposed the General Armstrong) after an action of two hours near Demerary. The Bridget had two men killed and four wounded.

The Lancaster Gazette and General Advertiser
Saturday, February 20, 1813


On the 6 th December, the Bridget, Capt. Kennan, had a sharp action, of nearly two hours continuance, off Surinam river, with an armed schooner, of 19 guns, which she beat off. The Bridget had two men killed and six wounded, viz.

“ John Burns, seaman, and Alexander McKeller, killed; James Sanders and Samuel Turner, severely wounded; Daniel Dunn, passenger, had a musket-ball through his ankle; Daniel Ross, passenger, Thomas Capper, and Captain Kennan, slightly wounded.”