Earl S. Vincent: Captain Mark Bayfield

Declaration lists port as Hastings but these documents signed in Guernsey and most of the crew names indicate Channel Islanders.


Articles of Engagement agreed on, and entered into between the Captain, Officers and Crew of the Earl St.Vincent Letter of Marque of
the Island of Guernsey, on the one part and John Allaire Agents of the said Letter of Marque, on the other part, this engagement being made for the
term of four Months at Sea, on the following conditions, namely;
1st. The Captain, Officers and Crew of the St.Vincent Letter of Marque, agree and engage themselves, to undertake one, or several Cruizes, in the said Letter of Marque
under the command of Captain Mark Bayfield (or any other Captain the Agents shall think proper to appoint, in case said Mark Bayfield should be obliged to quit said
Letter of Marque by sickness or otherwise) for and during the full and just term of four Months at Sea, and on the station that shall be directed to them by the Captain whom
they promise, and bind themselves not only to respect and obey as their Commander, but to assist with all their might, in seizing, and taking upon the Enemies of Great Britain,
and promise also obedience to all just and lawful directions given them by the Agents aforesaid, or any of their superior Officers, on pain of forfeiting to the Agents, the whole of
their Wages, Shares and Prize-Money.
2 nd. All Captures that shall, or may be made, by the said Letter of Marque, alone or in company with others, during the term of this Engagement, and condemned as lawful
prizes, shall be divided as follows, viz. Two Thirds of the Nett proceeds, arising there from to the Owners of the St.Vincent Letter of Marque aforesaid, and the other One
Third between the Captain, Officers and Crew, according to the Shares affixed to their respective signatures, but all damages incurred by the detention of any Vessel shall be deducted
from the bulk of the Prizes taken, during this Engagement.
3rd. In Lieu of the provisions, Ammunition, Stores and other articles, which were allowed in former Wars to the Captain and Officers, the following privileges will be granted,
namely, One Fifth of the Nett proceeds of all such Vessels whose Cargoes shall exceed the value of the Vessel, which Fifth shall be divided as follows: One Half to the Captain, and
the other Half to the Lieutenants and Master, in equal proportions, also Fifty Pounds Sterling, for Cabbin money, on all Prizes, whose Nett proceeds shall exceed the Sun of One
Thousand Pounds Sterling, which Cabbin money shall be divided as follows: One half to the Captain, One quarter to the Lieutenants and Master, in equal proportions, and the
other One quarter to the prize-master who shall bring the prize home; but it is well understood, that in consideration of the above privileges all Goods, Merchandize, & & which
shall be found in the Cabbin of any Prize, Ship or Vessel taken from the Enemy, shall be deemed belonging to the Cargo thereof, and should any one of the Ship’s Company belonging
to the St.Vincent Letter of Marque presume to plunder any part thereof, or any thing whatsoever from any captured Vessel, he, or they, shall forfeit (as above) the Shares,
Wages, and Prize-money due unto them to that day.
4 th. The Agents bind themselves to buy One quarter of the Shares belonging to the Officers, and One half of those belonging to the petty Officers and Seamen at the rate of Ten
Shillings per Share, per Month, paying the first month in advance, and the other payments at the end of each month, for and during the time they are at Sea only, and the said
Officers, petty Officers and Seamen, are reciprocally bound to keep the remainder of their respective Shares.
5 th. Board-money shall be paid by the Agents at the rate of Two Shillings and Sixpence per day for the Officers and two Shillings per day for the petty Officers and Seamen.
if they embark, which Board-money shall be deducted from their respective Prize-money, should any Prize be made
6 th. The Agents shall as customary, be paid three per cent. Commission on all payments and receipts, and shall have the care, and disposal of all Prizes taken.
7 th. Should the said St.Vincent Letter of Marque or disarmed, before the expiration of the Armament, in either case, the Officers, petty Officers and Seamen’s
wages, shall cease from the day of the capture or of the disarmament.
8 th. Should any of the Ship’s Company be taken in a Prize, their wages shall continue during the armament, and all such men so taken shall be entitled also to Prize-money during
the said armament; but if they return from Prison before the expiration of the armament, they shall be obliged to embark on board the said St.Vincent Letter of Marque,
or forfeit to the Agents their Wages, Shares and Prize-money.
9 th. In case any one engages himself for an office which he is not able to Perform, a deduction from his Share shall be made according to the judgement of the Captain and Officers,
who shall also have it their power to reward those who shall (by them) be found to deserve more than is allowed by the present engagement.
10 th. When Orders are given by the Agents, Captain or Officers, for the Crew to embark on board the said Privateer, or on board of any Prize which may be captured he or they
who refuse so to do, or who may refuse to perform his or their duty on board of either, except in case of sickness, shall forfeit Twenty Pound Sterling to the Agents besides his or their
Wages, Shares and Prize-money to that day, and should any one embark on board of any Prize against the will and consent of the Captain and Officers of the said Privateer, he or
they shall be subject to the same Penalty; neither shall he or they have a right to any Prize taken during the time that he or they shall have been absent.
11 th. If, at the expiration of the term of this Engagement, the said Privateer should happen to be at Sea; it shall be lawful for the Captain to cruise so long as his provisions may last,
and if any of the Ship’s Company presume to force the Captain to return into Port, he or they, shall forfeit to the Agents, the Sum of Twenty Pounds Sterling, besides Wages,
Shares and Prize-money due unto him or them.
12 th. If any one in an engagement be killed or lose a limb, he or his heirs, shall receive the sum of Ten Pounds Sterling, from the bulk of the Prizes taken, or from the Agents of
the said Privateer, in case there should be no Capture made.
13 th. The Medicine Chest to be paid out of the Third portion of the Prizes allowed to the Ship’s Company.
To the fulfilment of all and each of the foregoing conditions, the undersigned do bind themselves in the before mentioned penalty of Twenty Pounds sterling & & &

Done in Guernsey, 25 January 1813

No Men’s Names Quality No. Shares No. Men’s Names Quality No. Shares
1 Mark Bayfield Captain 100 27 Alexander Roy Seaman 12
2 Barney Rork First Lieut. 40 28 John Henderson Seaman 12
3 John Noury Second Lieut. 40 29 Richard Wellsdon Seaman 12
4 John Teasdel Third Lieut. 40 30 Peter Brouard Seaman 8
5 William Hart Seaman 11 31 Thomas Blanpied Seaman 12
6 David Webb Seaman 13 32 James Lehow Seaman 12
7 Samuel Price Seaman 12 33 Richard Hudson Seaman 12
8 James Blanch Seaman 12 34 Peter Le get Seaman 12
9 James Welsh Seaman 6 35 John Bougaise Seaman 10
10 Nicholas Deschamps Seaman 6 36 Joseph Saposito Seaman 12
11 Jacques Postel Seaman 12 37 John F. Coalgat Seaman 13
12 Moses McGinnese Seaman 10 38 Thomas Stuart Seaman 13
13 Pieter Ohman Seaman 11 39 John Southcott Seaman 13
14 William Cole Seaman 12 40 Pieter Jansen Seaman 14
15 Robert Rickets Seaman 12 41 John Gallyer Seaman 13
16 Nicholas Le Ray Seaman 11 42 John Henson Seaman 11
17 Edmund Heay Seaman 12 43 Jacob Derks Seaman 11
18 William Copland Seaman 12 44 Charles Smith Seaman 11
19 John Blackly Seaman 10 45 Elias Le Retilley Seaman 11
20 Samuel Mitchell Seaman 12 46 Earl Otto Berg Strom Seaman 12
21 Henry Gly Stem Seaman 11 47 Thomas Gavet Seaman 7
22 Frederick L?endi Seaman 10 48 Henry Blondel Seaman 7
23 John Borrigard Seaman 10 49 Peter Smith Seaman 2
24 Edward Ford Seaman 12 50 William Hyde Seaman 4
25 George Chant Seaman 10 51 John Robilliard Seaman 2
26 William Kendall Seaman 12 52 Thomas Southcott Seaman 12