In the War of 1812 the records of American prisoners fall into two groups:
those held in British possessions abroad, and those held in the UK.

Harrison Scott Baker II, has compiled the information for those abroad in the following:
American Prisoners of War: held at Halifax during the War of 1812. 2 volumes ( Maryland: Heritage Books Inc., 2005) and a further two volumes covering Barbados, New Providence and Newfoundland and Bermuda, Cape of Good Hope and Jamaica in 2007.

A typical sample of the information given can be found in this page from the Halifax volume.

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American pows held in the UK and abroad Malta, Gibraltar and Quebec.

The volumes covering the UK, were complied by Captain Ira Dye and in some cases are followed by sample photographs of the originals along with death certificates. 


On my final visit, May 2014, I found that the original volumes, which comprised of printouts on tractor paper, were are no longer available. The previous single volumes had been photocopied and bound into one single volume. Whilst it had just been possible to photograph the previous volumes when they were separate the present volume made that virtually impossible.


The combined volume showing the tight binding.

An interesting document published by the US gives a contemporary account on the problems and conditions of prisoner exchanges including a list giving proof of American citizenship.

A more intimate picture can be found through the letters from and to prisoners and along with subsidiary material make interesting reading.