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I suggest you check the Ira Dye volume first, if available, and obtain the prisoner number then use that to consult the original which has additional information.
Plymouth - Dye missing entries start at page 104. Death certificates
Portsmouth -Dye
Stapleton -Dye
Dartmoor -Dye Death certificates Riot (massacre) report
Dartmoor - alphabetical list original
Dartmoor 1-1009 original
Dartmoor 1090-2394 original
I was about to visit Kew, London to complete this when I saw the work had been done by Eric E. Johnson to whom many thanks.
I am prepared to do a look up for any in section I missed.
Chatham - Dye missing entries start at page 149. Death certificates
Naussau prison ship -original

Quebec - original

Gibraltar -original

Malta -original